Brad's Team

Brad J. Lamb

P.Eng., Broker

Brad is the broker-president of Brad J. Lamb Realty Inc., Toronto's #1 condo and loft brokerage. Over the last 20 years, Brad has led the marketing and sales programs for dozens of condominium projects in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Brad is acknowledged in Toronto as one of the city's foremost condominium sales experts. His firm has acted as the exclusive broker at namesake developments such as The Candy Factory, Tip Top Lofts, Glas, 550 Wellington West, 75 Portland, amongst dozens of others. To date, he has been involved in over 13,000 condo sales for over $3.5 billion dollars.

Brad J. Lamb is recognized as one of this country's most influential real estate professionals.


"Brad Lamb, head of Brad J. Lamb Realty Inc.'s claim to fame - the showman. His loud, proud marketing strategy has helped the company become the biggest broker of condos in Toronto."

National Post - March 2008

"Lamb, arguably Toronto's biggest champion of condo living..."

Canadian Business - March 2008

"His name is synonymous with condominiums."

Macleans - January 2008

"Over the past several years, his firm has become ground zero for Toronto's booming condo market."

Macleans - December 2007

"...Brad J. Lamb's team works on leads generated by the visible, media-savvy broker-owner whose name has become synonymous with condo sales in the city...Toronto's 'Condo King'. "

Toronto's Real Estate News - June 2003

"King of condos Brad Lamb is the No. 1 salesman when it comes to condominium realty in Toronto."

Metro News - March 2004

"For our money issue, DRIVEN wanted a Canadian who has achieved financial success through innovative, new business ideas, and an understanding of the value of presentation. No one fits that description more than Brad Lamb, president of Brad J. Lamb Realty."

Driven - October 2007

"Brad Lamb....a master sales marketer with huge confidence and a multi-million dollar condo track record in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and the Turks and Caicos..."

Canadian Business - March 2008

"A true success story and inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere, Brad J. Lamb has left his mark on Toronto, and soon will do so around the globe."

Dolce - 2008

"...he is a titan of Toronto's condo industry, the closest thing we have to a Donald Trump..."

Torontoist - 2008

"Brad Lamb, the tall, bald, reigning downtown Condo King."

Toronto Life - February 2006

"In the Toronto condo world, Brad J. Lamb's name has great cachet; he's a high flyer in a high-flying market."

National Post - August 2005

"The celebrity condo salesman, developer, and aspiring reality-TV star..."

Globe and Mail - 2007

Nick Whittington

Sales Rep

Nick is another veteran of the Brad J. Lamb Realty team. With a vast amount of sales experience and an in-depth knowledge of the downtown core, Nick is a fantastic choice for representation. Specializing in lofts, Nick was instrumental instrumental in selling The Candy Factory Lofts, Camden Lofts, Brock Lofts and Tip Top Lofts. Nick's friendly demeanour and commanding knowledge of condos & lofts proves why he is a top-producing representative.


I have always wondered what is behind the testimonials that you read and now I understand after working with Nick Whittington to sell our loft. I am absolutely delighted to share this story with everyone and anyone...

We were in a very difficult position. We had bought a new home, thinking our loft would sell quite quickly. However, just as we listed our loft in May 2010, the real estate market started to slow. Our listing was not well positioned to attract a shrinking number of buyers, and we needed to sell quickly, as we had just bought the home of our dreams, but did not want to take a loss on the sale of our loft.

After 5 months of anguish, we were still unsuccessful in selling our loft, despite numerous price reductions. Our listing expired and we knew we needed to reposition and rejuvenate our listing. We also knew that given the tightening market, we needed a loft expert - Someone who had a wealth of experience, both in good markets and bad. Someone who understood the uniqueness of the loft market and someone who had a proven track record, built on both success and a multitude of hard earned relationships, built up over time, through mutually beneficial interactions. That is when we called Nick Whittington.

Nick's reputation is why we called him, but it was upon meeting him that we knew we were in good hands. From our first meeting, Nick new all of his facts based on a thorough financial analysis of the market, which he did prior to our meeting. He was prepared with ideas and a game plan for us to sell our loft for the maximum realistic price and in the shortest time possible. Nick took the time to understand our position and what was important to us. He brought sound fact based advice and with empathy guided us to an approach that would both reposition our listing and give it an entirely new look, while taking advantage of all of the marketing techniques available. Nick removed emotion from what was a very troubling situation for us and with a true sense of style and purpose got our listing ready to go on the market.

Within 24 days of listing our loft, Nick sold it. The result was amazing! We attracted the highest ever sale price in our neighbourhood. He did it in less time than the average sale period in October and he got the job done, prior to the slow down over the Holiday season. What was incredible was that not only did Nick get the job done, but he did it in such a way that was so professional and compassionate. Nick was always available for us, whether by phone or email. Instead of feeling pressured and stressed, Nick made us feel comfortable in our approach and confident. When it came to negotiating the offer of purchase and sale, Nick worked with the buyer's agent in such a way that in the end both parties felt wonderful about the deal.

As I started out, I never have understood why people write testimonials, however, after working with Nick, I totally understand. Nick is one of a kind. He delivers awesome results and does so in a way that is "hands free", "stress free" and with a sense of style and flair that I have never seen before. Nick is a true real estate professional with true passion for his work and for people.

You really are in great hands when you work with Nick!

Janet Barkwell (Toy Factory Lofts #511)

We dealt with Nick Whittington and I can't speak highly enough about our interactions with him. We were very excited, indeed, to be buying this loft and Nick certainly contributed to that. Even though he was not our agent, we think he put a great "face" to this project, which ultimately led to our decision to buy this loft.

Lori Brown & Brian Greene (Tip Top Loft #102)

I left Toronto and held onto my condo for two years, before making my final decision to sell. When I did make that decision, I contacted a former neighbour and realtor named Nick Whittington (He came with excellent references).

I was living 200 kilometres from my condo with no internet, email, or fax machine handy. I had tenants in my condominium and no time to travel to the city to facilitate this process. Nick made it simple and easy. I put my tenants in touch with Nick and let them sort out the details of showing and access. My tenants did not call or email once with issues regarding this process. Nick helped me decide on a reasonable asking price, accepting an offer, and provided the name of a lawyer who could and did act on my behalf.

The entire negotiation lasted less than a month, from initial call to a very satisfactory sale. Nick's responses to any questions I had, were usually within the hour. He made selling a breeze.


It was a pleasure working with Nick Whittington! I found Nick to be enthusiastic, patient, a giver of great advice, resources, plus he has such grace coupled with absolute professionalism. Nick helped me make my condo dream a reality! He found me a condo that suits my unique style and means, a place I can totally picture myself living in. He made the whole "finding that perfect condo" experience - so much fun and always hopeful, through all its ups and downs! I shall definitely recommend Nick to anyone looking for that special space to call home, even if but for a while! I am so lucky to have Nick as my agent; he truly is the 'cream of the crop in the real estate biz'!!!


We met Nick Whittington while he was selling another loft in a neighbouring building. Ultimately, Nick sold their loft for the highest price ever in that building. Nick sold our loft and broke the record for the highest price achieved in our building! He did a spectacular job with fantastic results!

SM and AD

My name is Ivan Berry and I am a seasoned music executive, which for more than twenty-five years, has successfully specialized in urban & pop music and developed, managed and published top Canadian pop/urban artists.

Recently, I had the privilege to work closely with Nick Whittington in the sale of one of my investment condominiums. Until working with Nick, I did not realize that the real estate industry could be so artistic, fun, professional and lucrative. Nick made my life easy in the sale of this property, and he's certainly the best real estate agent I have ever worked with. He was professional, easy going, understanding, and came to the table with my needs in mind, which led to a quick sale, with the price point right on target.

I will recommend Nick Whittington to anyone selling or buying property.

Ivan Berry
Managing Partner
Tanjola Entertainment Inc.

I recently bought my first condo and worked with Nick Whittington at Brad Lamb. He is AMAZING. Nice, straight forward, honest, great to work with. As a first time buyer I had a ton of questions and he was really great about answering everything and ensuring that I was comfortable throughout the whole process. I would absolutely work with Nick again and reco him to anyone looking for a loft or a condo in the city.

Joanna S.

"After Following Nick's Advice, we had an offer on our Unit the same day it went to on the market with Nick as our agent. Nick is a Great Agent from the initial Listing Interview, to Sale Negotiations with the Buyer's Agent to getting us a Firm Deal.

Nick is the best real estate professional I have ever used; he doesn't just wait for potential buyers to wander by, he goes after them.

I highly recommend Nick Whittington to whoever wants to sell or buy a property. He knows his business."


Andrew Bonello

Sales Rep

Andrew's hard work, sensitivity, and professionalism have helped him to become one of the top producing representatives at Brad J. Lamb Realty Inc year in and year out. Andrew has also been a driving force behind some of Toronto's top developments, such as The Printing Factory Lofts, The Garment Factory Lofts, Zed and 22 Wellesley. Andrew's expert knowledge of downtown Toronto and ability to address his client's needs make him a tremendous choice for your real estate representation.


Andrew Bonello is the epitome of professionalism, and a pleasure to do business with... It was such an honour working with an agent that knew how to read people, and deliver without being aggressive.

The key to a good agent is listening to the client's needs and delivering beyond their expectations; and that is exactly what he did.

You have complete faith that you are well taken care of in Andrew's hands.

Robyn Goetz

We recently purchased our loft with the help of Andrew Bonello from Brad J. Lamb Realty Inc. Being our first home, and having only lived in Toronto for 3 weeks, it was important to have expert advice, sound market knowledge and someone we could trust. Andrew was excellent at accessing what we were after and evaluating what the market had to match our needs. He guided us through the process and overall it was a very enjoyable experience. We thank you very much for your help and friendly approach.

Rozalynn Hegan

Dear Brad,

I wanted to send you an email to share with you my experience with one of your brokers, Andrew Bonello.

A few months ago, I called Andrew to sell my loft at Tip Top.

He is a pleasure to work with.

I know that Andrew is very busy, but I always felt I was his only client. He was quick to respond if I had any questions or concerns. He had the listing set up and ready to view in less than a week.

He had the patience to deal with my tenant who is not easy to handle!

What impressed me the most was his ability to work for me in getting the price that we listed for. Most agents in Toronto want to bring prices down, sell fast and get out. My first offer was low, and Andrew took my side and said lets sign back with the sale price to send a message. Most agents would have had excuses of why we should meet in the middle. In the end, we had another offer, which drove the first individual to sign and get the deal done.

In sales, we know the most important attribute to have, is meeting the customers needs. Andrew Bonello did that for me.

I will continue to work with Andrew and will refer my friends to this sincere, honest, hard working individual.

Pam Salo 

Scott Shallow

Sales Rep

Scott is a top producing agent specializing in the downtown core. Effused with energy and dedication for his clients, Scott has achieved very high sales results over the years. Scott has the uncanny ability to be liked quickly and is able to generate client trust during initial contact. He has also been instrumental in selling The Toy Factory Lofts and 455 Adelaide, amongst many other top developments throughout the city.

Tim Bosworth

Sales Rep

Tim offers a wealth of experience and knowledge to his clients, as well as an undeniable fortitude and self-assuredness. He is a proven top negotiator and closer who is always ready to provide his clients with dedication, commitment and a knowledgeable and personable approach, which he accredits to his success in the Toronto Real Estate profession. Whether you are selling, buying a residence or purchasing for investment, Tim will provide you with the tools you need to get the best results every time and bring to the table strong negotiating skills and sound financial advice, as his track record proves.


Tim has assisted me over the years to build a very lucrative property portfolio. A former Toronto resident , now residing in Vancouver his advice is paramount to me.

Tim operates with the highest degree of professionalism, dedication and attention to details. Tim will listen to you , offer his advice and guidance and is insistent upon gaining your complete comprehension of 'the bigger picture.'

I have felt so confident on his advice and the level of market analysis he provides me with that I have even bought sight unseen on two occasions with incredible success.

I am safe in the knowledge that I am in the very best hands, looking at the best properties and the receiving the best advice.

I cannot recommend Tim more highly.

Farid Varizi

"I run a restructuring group that works with leverage lenders and hedge funds in the US and their under-performing loans. I needed to rent an apartment for my son relocating to Toronto.

With limited notice Tim jumped on it and within 3-4 hours yesterday narrowed down our selection and executed a rental agreement to our satisfaction.

Great attitude. Very personable. Motivated. Caring. Attributes I find special in today's environment. Thanks"


Jessica Lawton

Sales Rep

As a veteran member of the Brad J. Lamb Realty team, Jessica has already proven herself to be an excellent choice for real estate representation. Jessica strives to provide her clients with up-to-date market information and knowledge to help guide them through the real estate process. Her willingness to meet and exceed her client’s expectations is just the first reason why she would make an excellent choice for your buying or selling needs. If you are looking for a dedicated, intelligent, and hard-working sales representative, then Jessica is what you are looking for!


"I wanted to write a quick note to let you know that I was very well served by one of your representatives.

As a newbie to the Toronto condo market in general, I was very apprehensive about how successful the process of getting what I needed would be. Also given some very tight time line requirements and personal circumstances, I was very worried that I would be easy prey for a non-ethical agent.

Not only was your agent ethical and professional, I appreciate the effort she put into this transaction -- despite the fact that I am not exactly what you call a "high profile client". After working with Jessica, not only have my goals for what I wanted to accomplish been met, but I have learned a lot about what I need to do for my future real-estate transactions, and have gained a confidence regarding the process of working with an agent.

I will definitely be coming back to Brad J Lamb to do future business, simply because your representative has impressed upon me the kind of culture and professionalism that your organization fosters. I hope that Jessica will receive the recognition she deserves for the great work that she does, and that she will continue to be a great success in your business.

Thanks for your time,



I just wanted to drop line and make mention of Jessica Lawton and how fabulous she is!

I was in the market for a rental for myself, with parking... and a budget. She was able to find me more selection than I could have possibly imagined for what was affordable to me.

She was prompt, friendly and went above and beyond to make sure I was getting precisely what I was looking for.

She found me a fantastic condo in a beautiful building steps away from where I work.

Jessica secured my condo well in advance, which allowed me to take my time finding movers and ensuring I was able to get my desired time for my cable service and furniture deliveries.

When there was a tiny snag on the end of the condo-owner, Jessica handled it firmly, professionally and efficiently. I had total confidence in her and she did a wonderful job of guaranteeing that the condo-owner held up their end of the bargain.

I have already passed her name along to a few people I know looking to move in the near future.

She seems like a great asset to Brad J Lamb Realty!


"I would also like to thank you so much for your help. It was fun house hunting with you, and I appreciated all your help and hard work. I know it can be tough keeping up with the demands of all your clients, and it can be tricky balancing the right advice with not giving your clients a feeling of being forced into any decisions...but I think from my point of view you did a wonderful job, and again, I can't thank you enough! :)"

" Dear Brad Lamb,

I wanted to write you a second quick note to let you know that I was once again well served by one of your representatives. It was 3 years ago that I worked with Jessica to become a first time Condo renter in Downtown Toronto. I wrote at that time to let you know that she did an extremely professional job.

That was why I engaged her again for my new mission this year- to become a first time home buyer.

It's really good to see in the process this time that none of her principles have changed. She made the transition for me easy, explained the details of the condo market and made sure I was aware of necessary details every step of the way. Jessica continues to exceed all of my expectations as a client regardless of the situation.

I will be closing on an absolutely beautiful condo with a stunning view, and I'm very happy with my purchase. Thanks Jessica!

I know Jessica will continue to receive the recognition she deserves at Brad J Lamb Realty. In fact during one showing she said wouldn't be in real estate if it wasn't for the amazing environment that your firm provides her. I think that is a huge testimonial for your firm, and gives me even more confidence that I am working with the right people.

I fully expect to work with Jessica to become a first time home seller in the years to come, and I'm glad I can depend on both Jessica and Brad J Lamb realty to make that a reality.

Thanks again,"

Kenneth Cheung

Kimberlee Moss

Sales Rep

Kimberlee brings a vast and comprehensive knowledge of the Toronto real estate market to the Brad J. Lamb Realty team. With extensive experience in both the resale market and new sales market, she has developed a unique skill set that is second to none. Kimberlee has been responsible for selling some of Toronto's top developments over her years of experience, and is also a leading sales representative on three of Lamb Development Corp's projects. For some of the most sophisticated, well versed representation in Toronto, Kimberlee is a phenomenal choice.

Alexandar Cuturilo

Sales Rep

Alex's keen sense of humour and extensive knowledge in both resale and new construction real estate market make him an excellent choice for representation. Alex's proven performance is based on a solid foundation of professionalism matched with a passion for building and maintaining rewarding relationships with his clients. His objective is to guide his clients towards their best home buying and selling decisions, in a way that is as comfortable and stress free as possible.

Frank Lardi

Sales Rep

Frank is a top Realtor with Brad J. Lamb Realty who is focused on offering a combination of personable service and sound educated advice. His professional and friendly approach, his solid understanding of market conditions, and his detailed knowledge of the City, ensures that his clients are always comfortable and fully informed.

Over the course of his career, Frank has gained expertise in all areas of real estate, including residential, commercial, and pre-construction sales. This wide breadth of knowledge ensures that his clients are in capable hands, regardless of their individual real estate needs. First time home buyers, investors, and seasoned property owners looking to downsize, will all find themselves at ease.


"Dear Brad Lamb,I would like to leave you a short note on a wonderful real estate experience. my son and two friends needed a rental for the upcoming school year. After having two miserable real estate experiences with different company agents along came Frank Lardi. He has been such a breath of fresh air.He was kind,hardworking and very professional in an industry filled with shades of grey.Frank took the time to co-ordinate the signing of the lease between three unavailable parents via e-mail.I will have no problem recommending Frank Lardi and Brad Lamb realty to my friends and colleagues."

William Russell Bsc.,DDS.

"I am writing to express our most sincere thanks and appreciation for one of your agents, Frank Lardi. My boyfriend and I had the pleasure of working with Frank to find our first home together. Two individuals with very distinct must-have can imagine what Frank was working with! We had both never worked with a real estate agent before so going into this, we were apprehensive at first. To our surprise, working with Frank was very enjoyable and not once did we feel pressured into getting something we weren't sure about. Many stratus reports and viewings later, we found our dream loft and we truly owe it to Frank for providing his expertise when it came down to how to bid and ultimately come out at top. Frank also helped me successfully lease my condo unit in the span of a week's time at full asking. His expertise, coupled with his attentiveness to each of our needs, genuinely made this process a breeze for us. We would not hesitate to recommend Frank to anyone looking to buy, sell, or lease, and we look forward to working with him again in the future!"

Irene Li (and Trevor Johnstone)

"Dear Brad Lamb, I would like to recognize Frank Lardi for his work and efforts in the purchase of my first condo, pre-construction. As I take possession now, years later, I still remember how Frank meticulously reviewed my contract. Throughout the construction of my condo, I came back to Frank when I needed advice and he was always there to help. When I had to choose my upgrades and finishes, he offered tips with consideration towards resale. When I had my Pre-Delivery Inspection, he offered advice on what to look for. All in all, Frank went above and beyond the role of a typical agent. From start to finish, Frank is the ultimate professional. I have already recommended Frank to my friends and will continue to do so in the future."

Jason Mah 

Michele Pedro

Sales Rep

Michele's willingness to go above and beyond for her clients makes her an excellent choice for representation. Her areas of expertise cover a wide range of disciplines. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science then continued her education at Seneca College where she obtained a diploma in Marketing and Business and has owned and managed her own Fashion Retail business since 2005. Michele has been a new development sales representative for condominiums in Toronto and the GTA. Having lived in the downtown core for over 12 years and working in new development sales, Michele has gained extensive knowledge of the Toronto real estate market. Her friendliness and positive attitude makes her clients feel at ease. Whether you are looking to sell, buy, lease or invest, Michele will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to meet all of your wants and needs.


"I would just like to pass on my thanks and appreciation to the Brad Lamb team and in particular, Michele Pedro, in assisting with the recent leasing of my condo unit at the Spire.

This was the second time that I have utilized the services of Brad Lamb Realty to lease out my unit and Michele was able to deliver a well suited and qualified tenant. She was professional and efficient in her approach and knew exactly what sort of tenant I was looking for. In just two weeks she was able to secure my new tenant at the full asking price and I anticipate that they will be a long term lessee.

Thanks again to Michele and I would not hesitate to recommend her and Brad Lamb Realty looking to lease out their investment properties or purchase new units in the Downtown core!"

Blair Johnson

Eva Rosalia Colpaart

Sales Rep

For over 10 years, Eva Rosalia has been making an impact in Toronto. Upon graduating in Entertainment Business Management, Eva co-founded a successful Lifestyle Blog, which ultimately lead her into a career in Real Estate. Eva's energy, drive and dedication play a great deal in helping people find their perfect home. Her honesty, hard work and willingness to educate her clients set her apart from many within the industry, and truly make her an asset in assisting clients with their real estate needs.

Beth O'Donoghue

Sales Rep

Beth is without a doubt a rare individual to work with. Her hard work and dedication to her craft and clients truly sets her apart from others. Graduating from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Commerce in Global Management, Beth's education and skills translate well for real estate. With an additional passion for design, Beth also brings forth a strong skill set in home staging, design, and colour schemes. Beth's originality and unique skill set has created an exciting new approach to her client relationships and specialization in finding the perfect property to meet their needs, both quickly and affordably.

Martin Read

Sales Rep

With over 10 years experience Martin has a detailed understanding of all aspects of Real estate and what it takes to best represent and assist his clients. Whether its Condos in the heart of Toronto or housing in the suburbs and anything in between, Martin has the experience and knowledge the client needs to make the right decision and get the best deal possible when buying or selling. Known as a no nonsense agent with a strong attention to detail, and as many clients have said "a good listener" Martin is a great choice to get the job done.


"Martin Read has provided me with exceptional service. I retained him when I was selling my house and although the circumstances were less than ideal, Martin was professional, well-informed and focused on getting me the best price as soon as possible. If I had a question, Martin answered it promptly. He knew about any new listings and always came armed with research. He followed up any showings with detailed feedback and I was comfortable that he had my best interest in mind during all our dealings.

When it came time for me to find a new property, Martin listened to what I was looking for and stayed focused on my price range without trying to upsell me. Once again he was prepared at every turn with research on other properties in the area or comparable listings.

I would highly recommend Martin Read to anyone who is looking for a realtor that can provide solid service, is trustworthy and hard-working."

Ryan L.

"Dear Martin,
I wanted to thank you for your assistance in facilitating our recent home purchase in Newmarket. You worked hard to help Lisa and me find the right place for our family and we are very satisfied with the consistent and dedicated effort you put forth during the whole process of locating and purchasing our house.We will certainly recommend you to any friends and co-workers considering a move.

Best regards"

Simon, Lisa and Katherine

"Dear Martin,

I would like to express our thanks for the level of personal attention extended to us during our sale and purchase. Although we chose to relocate within the area, the decision to "move home" is such an important event and we did not take this lightly. We met you quite by accident as we stumbled across an agent open house, yet you welcomed us in with no hesitation and extended a welcome with your very natural level of care and respect, which made our agent choice an easier one. We have been in this area of York Region for the past 14 years and are now moving into our fourth home (hopefully our last for a while). We have used other realtors for these transactions but I can tell you in all honesty we've best served by you. In comparison, we've felt you've attended to our needs and requests far more than others in the past. It is this reason I have recommended you, as you know, to friends looking for an agent who will best represent them and their needs.

We take possession of our new home mid May and I am excited by this prospect. The sale of our last home, which was an upscale property, was amid market turmoil and change, yet we were so pleased with how you personally looked after every aspect. We truly felt we were your only client! A quick trip through town revealed we were not!!

Thank you for your level of professionalism, your easy manner and your regular and consistent contact with us. We always felt "in the loop" and informed. With my previous experiences, a prevalent issue to me was the feeling of being uninformed. In the past, it was like there was a detached relationship with these agents and firms previously used and a general feeling if disinterest, despite the enormous financial and emotional aspect of a home purchase and relocation. I'm grateful that our experience with you has been exceptional in this regard and we've felt quite connected , informed and involved.

I would like to personally thank you for your very down-to-earth approach with us and prospective clients. Despite this difficult market, our home sold for a reasonable figure and I am confident your involvement and personal attention was the key to selling. Equally, your recommendations when we looked at a new purchase proved to be exactly what we wanted. Again, your sense of understanding seemed to be an easy connect to the home we've now purchased.

We would like to extend our personal thanks and best wishes to you. We are grateful for your personal attention to our needs and trust that others will benefit from your earnest and practical approach.

Warm regards"

Gordon R.

Yesha Machiacao

Sales Rep

Yesha brings several years of knowledge and expertise in residential and commercial real estate to Brad J Lamb. Graduating with a prestigious degree in Mass Communications from Carleton University, Yesha has always strived to effectively convey the information to her clients, being straightforward in the most professional manner. Being an advocate for the outdoors, recreation, and city life, Yesha truly understands the needs of her clients with active urban lifestyles. This core trait has lead her to specialize in the art of finding and selling condominiums or residential homes for those wanting to experience the urban lifestyle. Yesha combines a strong work ethic with a fine eye for detail, ensuring that your real estate experience will be a smooth one.

Robin Lewis

Sales Rep

Before joining Brad J. Lamb Realty, Robin had a career as a successful entrepreneur in the city of Toronto. Owning and operating the ground breaking retail boutique Uncle Otis, numerous bars and restaurants in the downtown core as well as his own branding and graphic design agency, Image Plan Inc. Robin is trained as a multidisciplinary designer whose successful interior design career has parlayed into television hosting and tv celebrity.

Following his passion by moving into the high-end real estate business was an organic transition. Robin builds on his business and design expertise for the benefit of his real estate clients by offering rich, detailed and informative perspective and proven negotiating acumen to get the best results. Through his work with business clients and consumers of all cultural backgrounds and demographics, he has developed an exceptional understanding and anticipation of customer needs. Robin's sales expertise spreads across all market segments, ranging from single family residential, condominiums and town-homes to new developments.

Smart, solutions oriented and responsive, Robin guides busy clients through the intricacies of Toronto real estate purchases and sales. Robin's connection to the city allows him to offer his clients accurate, up to the minute insight and counsel while keeping his feet firmly planted during high pressure negotiations. Respected by his peers, resourceful and connected, Robin has a vast network of professionals to assist with his client's needs. As a real estate investor himself, Robin's vision and experience offer his clients an unparalleled insight into the real estate community.

Irina Shapiro

Sales Rep

Irina Shapiro is new to the Real Estate world, having previously been a World Class Gymnast, Former Runway Model, and an Analyst for TD Securities and INBEV. Irina and her husband have personally done very well in the Real Estate Market, which is the main reason why she became a Realtor for Brad J Lamb - as she wanted to share her personal knowledge and experience to help others who are searching for the perfect condo, home, and/or investment property. Her analytical experience, coupled with her incredible work ethic and honest personality make Irina the perfect Realtor/Friend to guide investors of all ages through this carefully decided purchasing process.

Mitch Kurkic

Sales Rep

Mitch is newest member of Brad’s team. After spending 20 years in retail management dealing with clients is second nature for Mitch. His calm demeanour and confident manner are perfect foil for emotionally charged real estate decisions.

Mitch started his new career with a BANG and his first transaction concluded in the sale of a townhouse valued at 1.3M, establishing a high ceiling price for that particular project. He is smart, analytical and will always give the client his honest opinion and sound advice to ensure successful and smart transactions. Don't let his newcomer status fool you, Mitch is a true professional.